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Halloween convoy
« on: October 12, 2017, 19:04 »
hi i was thinking to do a halloween convoy on server.
the date : 28/10/17

-where? meeting will be in Las venturas (u can see the name of the location on server by typing /events very soon! )

-what needed to it  if you could spray your truck to BLACK as halloween theme thats will be nice but u dont need to
-who will join (everybody, invited only,[something else, what?]) event is for everyone !
Time ? :i was thinking sometimes at the evening around 18PM (ireland-UK time)
(but be free to wrote down the times that suit you and we can work out new time.)
rules: just be friendly and dont rush anyone..
so if u could sign in the comments if u coming or no i will be thanksfull <3
all the information will be on the server /evets soon !
thank you <3
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