Author Topic: Advertising Convoy Trucking on Youtube (new videos, new series, higher quality)  (Read 223 times)

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So... Hello guys. It has been long time since I posted my last video. Itīs been really long time so I decided to start new topic where Iīll be posting my new videos, I want to start recording and uploading again :)

What changed???

A lot of things changed since last video :) As the main change is that i got new PC so I can finally record videos in Fullscreen on highest resolution and with highest game settings, and also I can use some mods :)
Another change is, I stopped used bandicam, so there wonīt be bandicam watermark logo in the video. I started using Microsoft game DVR... Itīs not that bad recording program as I was waiting so I will use it in many more videos :)

What to say... Take a look on my new videos, what you think about it? Leave the comment below this topic :) Since now, Iīll be sending here every new videos which I will upload...

New video: